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Follow along on our media as we build our next race vehicle.

Vintage CJ 7

This is the old Gordon Scott Jeep, won first in class at the 50th Baja 1000 in his memory. Now owned by JTR's and SW Port Service's

Jim Nance

Green Thing

This vintage Bronco races as an off-road dragster.

Malibu Jenny

JTR is not all work and no play. Jenny is a new adittion to bring us some fun in the sun.

Chase 1

Chase 1 acts as the runner, matching the pace of the race vehicle. Ready to be first on the scene.

Chase 2

Chase 2 packs all of the tools and spare parts. It is equiped with a tool box bed.

Chase 007

Chase 007  stores all the luggage and runs driver and co-drivers to the next driver change. It always stays ahead.

JTR Sandtoys

JTR takes to the dunes in the off season where the fleet of sandtoys provide summer long fun.

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